Digital Radiography

At Smith County Animal Clinic, we stay on top of the latest diagnostic tools and techniques so that we are confident we are offering our clients the most accurate diagnosis obtained in the most efficient way. Digital radiography represents a useful advancement in the tools we use to image our patients. It is painless, safe, non-invasive, and it allows for quicker patient assessments. The images produced through this digital technique help our veterinarians diagnose fractures, locate foreign objects, detect masses such as tumors, measure organ size for disease, diagnose pneumonia, discover pregnancies, bladder stones, chronic arthritis, and certain spinal cord diseases.

Digital radiography differs from traditional x-rays in that images are available in seconds. In addition, they can be visually enhanced, magnified, and digitally shared with specialists to help us focus our efforts and create a treatment plan for your pet quickly. All digital images are kept on file and can be easily transferred or copied if necessary. Another advantage to digital radiography is that it reduces waste (both chemical and film) produced through older technologies.

Serving pet owners in the Carthage area, our veterinarians at Smith County Animal Clinic can diagnose your pet’s condition using digital radiography and other diagnostic tools we have available in house.